Maqin- QH Area Code (China)

Local time in Maqin- QH

Maqin- QH Area Code

Area code for Maqin- QH, China: 975Click on number to see if there are other places in our database with same area code.
International calling code for China is: 86

How to Dial?

Calling from Calling to Dialing example  
Abroad* Maqin- QH +86 975 [Local number]**
China*** Maqin- QH (0)975 [Local number]
China Abroad 00 [Country Code] [Area Code] [Local number]

Local time in Maqin- QH (in moment when this page is generated):
Tuesday, 2018-01-23, 09:42 Difference to Greenwich time (GMT) in hours: +08:00 (CST time zone).

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**Many phones have international call prefix list, but they show only a plus sign (+).
***Dialing from China but outside of area code 975